Bharat darshan on a budget: An A to Z Guide, The Times of India, Apr 19, 2015


A: An A to Z Guide

Offering quirky, odd, mostly accurate, somewhat useful information curated by a broke couple who travelled across India on a very, very tight budget to write a book and lived to tell the tale.

B: Bakeries

If, like Marie Antoinette (and at least one-half of the broke couple) you believe that when people can’t have bread they should eat cake, you can pitch your tent at the German Bakeries. These are found in all hippie quarters – whether Jaisalmer, Rishikesh or our very own Paharganj in New Delhi – and sell their ubiquitous chocolate cake by the kilo.But, intrepid traveller that you are, you ought to hunt out local options too. The broke couple discovered roadside tea-stalls in Kerala and Tamil Nadu offering slices of soft homey sponge cakes made with Dalda and kept in glass jars (a cake by any other name is also cake), and in the Main Bazaar in Pushkar, a jugaadu gentleman ran a unique mobile cake shop on a cart called `New Chandra Bakery’. It offered a range of delicacies, the most original of which was the coffee-chikoo cake.

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