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A Double-Interview With ‘The Telegraph’, 22 March 2011 by Chandreyee Chatterjee & Malini Banerjee


The Telegraph: One of your best memories from the road trip?

Devapriya: In Barmer, our autowallah Ramaram Mali invited us to have dinner with him. He has a house on the outskirts of Barmer. The interesting thing is that after oil was discovered in the area, all these companies have come in and whoever owns a house there has come into good money because rents have shot up.

Saurav: Even Ramaram has rented out parts of his house to executives from the oil companies. And, you know, one can sense he’s come up in the world. Now he stocks McDowell’s and says ‘Yeh vilayti sharaab hai!

Devapriya: It started raining and Ramaram said this wonderful thing — when meh and mehmaan come together, it’s a good thing. Meh meaning clouds, mehmaan meaning guest.