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‘The brainchild of an intrepid young writer couple…’ New Indian Express, 12th March 2015 by Diya Kohli

This project, otherwise called a “book in motion”, is both a novel experiment as well as a quirky blueprint for those travellers who have been waiting at the brink of making such a radical decision their entire lives. This book might just work as the tipping point, sending many such urban couples on a new quest to find themselves and test their resilience. The brainchild of an intrepid young writer couple, Devapriya Roy (author of The Vague Woman’s Handbook and The Weight Loss Club: The Curious Experiments of Nancy Housing Cooperative) and Saurav Jha (a journalist specialising in energy and security matters and author of the book, The Upside Down Book of Nuclear Power) as well as publishers Harper Collins India, this book is the culmination of their travels across the country within very specific parameters. In fact their motive and intent is described on the project’s Facebook page, “Here’s the deal: India in a 100 days. A life-altering journey. On a tight budget. Make that, a v.v. tight budget.`500 a day as a matter of fact. For 2.” http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/bengaluru/The-Heat-and-Dust-Project/2015/03/12/article2708877.ece