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BREAKING NEW GROUND, The Pioneer, July 19, 2015 by Gautam Chintamani

Nestled between an ever-shrinking planet and an ever-expanding mind, the future of travel writing doesn’t seem to hold much promise, or so one would be compelled to imagine. After all, in the day and age of Google Earth, Google search, and a plethora of not only travel but also travel related content reviewing sites, what could possibly be written about travel that hasn’t been already #Like(d)? Moreover, what could possibly come off a travel book where a young urban couple throwing caution to the winds takes off on a transformational journey across India, oh, and yes, on a budget of Rs500 per day for bed and board? Well, for one an invigorating account of travel, but more importantly an insight into the hearts and minds of some young Indians who aren’t afraid of wanderlust or the eccentric choices that it forces upon them.